07 May 14 at 4 pm

Alex Hulme - Climb

Having worked previously with Alex on a couple other music videos (once as DOP and another as editor) it was nice to have full control of ‘Climb’. This also meant Alex was really trusting, so was more than happy to stand in the middle of a very busy street in Liverpool looking like he’s singing to himself (whilst I’ve put on a long lens and trying to look nonchalant so that passer-bys don’t do the awkward ducking or asking to pass whilst trying to film in public - in fact it turns out when you want people to walk into your shot, it doesn’t happen!). Having not filmed there for a while, I forgot how good Liverpool is to film in; the people are lovely, the city is gorgeous and having quite a small centre, for a shoot like this (small budget and little time), it is perfect.

Personal favourite bits to this video, is the bridge cut away at 01:19, the shadow of the passing birds at 02:33 and the transition/pan at 02:44. 

06 Apr 14 at 8 am

2 Hour Challenge - ft. R.L.C.

R.L.C. were given two hours to write, practice and record a new song. 

When prompted, select either ‘Music Video’ to hear the finished song or ‘Documentary’ for the making of. 

The complexity of the edit tough but also incredibly fun. With the video intended to work in both ways (whether it is as a ‘making of’, following the band as they have the restriction of 2 hours to write, practice and record a new song, or as a music video with the final track) the edit was a constant battle between diegetic sounds and the completed song. I had previously almost resigned to releasing the video twice, once as the documentary and the other time as a music video, but luckily I stuck out till I could find a suitable platform. Interlude is exactly that. Giving the audience the ability to participate with the video and play with the edit themselves, flicking between the sound, I think it introduces a whole new concept of what it is to be a viewer.  

(Directed, shot & edited by Matt Hyland. 2nd Camera: Same Kinge. Sound: Bill Oakley. Produced by xFilm)

14 Mar 13 at 7 pm



02 Aug 12 at 7 pm

Missing Piece - co-director, co-editor (awarded by LJMU the CAST award of Excellence In Production, currently in use by the charity ‘The Encephalitis Society, and shortlisted for The Grierson Trust British Documentary Awards for ‘Best Student Documentary’)

Smile - DOP, editor (part of BT Big Voice Competition - screened in various cities in build up to the London 2012 Olympics)

First Loves - assistant director, DOP

It’s Raining, Again - director, DOP, editor

Marines - Tiny Little Tom - director, DOP, editor (premiered on rocksound.tv)

Marines - A Long Way Down - director, DOP, editor

Marines - How To Be Good - director, DOP, editor

Marines - From Suffolk to Berlin (tour doc/music video following Marines as they support You Me at Six)


(All videos contained within this showreel have been shot by myself, whether it being as a director or director of photography)

16 Jun 12 at 6 am

Marines - How To Be Good 

Directed and Edited by; Matt Hyland

Written by; Matt & Tim Hyland

Narratively, How To Be Good is based on an idea of Tim’s from a while back. In short; shit, mundane existence - in a band, try use it to escape - fail. Most importantly, this video was an opportunity to show the band members and further introduce Marines, complimenting previous productions. However, shortly before its release Lewis left the band, making the ending (which was initially intended to portray the members frustration of lack of recognition after playing to an empty room) even the more significant. The time lapse and film burns are all in aid to compliment the opening sequence - the old man filling his cup of coffee - assisting in the flash-back structure of the video, emphasising the narrative and acting as a conclusion that escape may never have been succeeded, but attempted. 

We decided on the black and white before filming, so shooting with that in mind throughout helped a lot. Aesthetically, Tim and I based the production predominantly on one image (Joy Division): 

Joy Division

The interaction between members, the predominant back lighting, their stances and almost emotionless performance is hopefully reflected throughout How To Be Good

05 May 12 at 11 am

First Loves

Directed and Edited by; Tim Hyland

Assistant Director and Director of Photography; Matt Hyland

Shot over the course of two days in the small town of Newmarket, Suffolk. Interviewing a range of local residents, from various ages, this documentary is a small insight into the romance or heart-break associated with First Loves

The simplicity to this documentary, in regards to its style and narrative structure, is where we feel this film succeeds. Without sounding like I’m attempting to appear wise beyond my years, but your First Love will always stick with you. As a wise woman (our Mum) says at the end of this documentary, “You never forget your first love… it’s just a chapter in your life”. With this documentary, we didn’t want to take anything away from what is being said. Everyone has a story to tell, so who are we to take that away from them? It is easy to throw in an awful reconstruction of two people meeting in a cinema, put it in black and white with grain added in post and dictate the emotion; what is the point when the audience can interpret the film for themselves, simply by hearing the stories told by these individuals, through the tone of their voice or the look on their faces?

Shortly after filming, the elderly gentlemen featured (our Granddad, George Lamb), sadly passed away. This film has an intensely important sentimental value that cannot be described. Without Tim’s fantastic idea for a documentary and incentive to get it made, their adorable story would be lost. 

27 Feb 12 at 9 am

Marines - From Suffolk to Berlin

Directed and Edited by; Matt Hyland

We decided, with the endless footage we filmed whilst in Europe, to make a documentary/music video mash up in a way to get the story across without falling into that trap of becoming monotonous or shit. Following ‘Marines’ as they tour France, Belgium, Holland and Germany From Suffolk to Berlin offers a small insight into the tour and glimpse of the band as they play live.  

It was a pretty intense week to be honest - unfortantely, after driving all morning or in the evenings, we never had much chance to get about and see more of some of the amazing cities we visited! I say amazing - we were in a shit heap area of Paris, which really did question the City’s nickname, clearly conceived by cheesy tourists with a lack of imagination. And by the time we made it Berlin, with half an hour to sound check, followed by the lads putting on an awesome show and quickly heading off to start our drive back to the UK, I can’t comment whether it was a nice city or even that it was Berlin at all!

Music is ‘Emily Bigswell’ - great tune, especially live. 

04 Feb 12 at 11 am

Missing Piece

Created by Matt Hyland, Lucas Barr and George Ellis.

Missing Piece started off as a University project for myself, Matt Hyland, and two others - Lucas Barr and George Ellis. It has, however, transpired to become a video that I am especially proud of and one that can, and hopefully will, actually benefit others!

Based on a subject really important to myself, and especially my family (give it a looky, will make sense why by the end) it was quite a nerve-racking experience in portraying it fairly, realistically and effectively. Everyone involved have been fantastic, and I cannot express enough how appreciative we are of their participation! Missing Piece is based on three different stories coming together, in order to effectively tell one - that of this illness. 

Memory is key to this documentary… times passed (even what can be considered the most insignificant of moments) are often taken for granted - when out of anyone’s control they can be taken from you. The time-lapse throughout the video is something I am particularly proud of. Not only does it look great and really helps the flow to the documentary, but it also really helps emphasise this concept of the passing of time and moments that can be let slip by unnoticed.

Shortlisted for The Grierson Trust’s - Sky Arts Best Student Documentary

08 Dec 11 at 7 pm

Recently finished following Marines as they toured Europe supporting You Me at Six. The footage is looking nice - hopefully can get across how good the band were live!

It was a pretty intense week, so the day off in Amsterdam was a treat. €4 for the Sex Museum - interesting experience. Nice to see an absolute mash up of people in there… no matter what age, race, nationality, sexuality, a six foot penis puts a smile on everyone’s face!

(Source: hylandfilmsphotos)

Recently finished following Marines as they toured Europe supporting You Me at Six. The footage is looking nice - hopefully can get across how good the band were live!
It was a pretty intense week, so the day off in Amsterdam was a treat. €4 for the Sex Museum - interesting experience. Nice to see an absolute mash up of people in there… no matter what age, race, nationality, sexuality, a six foot penis puts a smile on everyone’s face!

Marines have today announced that they will be supporting You Me at Six during their European Tour: 

Nov 30  Fleche D’or  - Paris, France

Dec 1   MOD - Hasselt, Belgium

Dec 2  Tivoli - Utrecht, The Netherlands

Dec 4  Luxor - Cologne, Germany

Dec 5 Magnet Club - Berlin, Germany

Having never been to Belgium or Germany a tour diary video seems like a good enough excuse.